Working Capital The Real Estate Podcast

Wholesaling, Flipping and Scaling Real Estate With Nick Perry|EP58

Jun 16, 2021

In This Episode

Nick Perry is the owner and founder of Want To Sell Now. The largest nationwide wholesaling company in the United States based out of Austin TX. He started in real estate wholesaling properties and fixing and flipping.  He has since expanded his real estate business.  Nick also runs the  7 Figure Cartel mastermind.

In this episode we talked about:

  • Nick’s Background 
  • Nick`s first wholesale deal
  • The approach to wholesaling and flipping
  • Marketing strategy: postcards, mailing service, PPC, Google Ads
  • Running a hands-off business in 2021
  • The mental state of Nick while doing Full-Time Real Estate
  • Partners or managers in Real Estate?
  • Raising capital when buying property
  • Construction costs
  • Lumber prices 2021
  • Current Opportunities
  • Oil and Gas Industries in Real Estate
  • Mobile home parks
  • Triple net lease 
  • Nick`s areas of interest nowadays
  • The transition to educational projects
  • Mentorship, Resources and Lessons Learned

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