Working Capital The Real Estate Podcast

The Biggest Opportunities in Real Estate with BiggerPocket’s Brandon Turner AKA Beardy Brandon | EP69

Sep 1, 2021

In This Episode

Brandon Turner is an Active Real Estate Investor, Entrepreneur, Writer, and Podcaster. He is a Nationally Recognised Leader in the Real Estate Education Space and Has Taught Millions of People how to Find, Finance, and Manage Real Estate Investments. Brandon is about to Release “The Multifamily Millionaire” Volume 1 and Volume 2

In this episode we talked about:

  • Regulations and Lockdown: NYC vs Hawaii
  • The process of Underwriting Deals
  • Asset Class Comparison
  • How Deals are Structured
  • Specifics of Mobile Homes
  • Scaling a portfolio
  • Macroeconomic Trends
  • Raising Capital for Private Equity Deals
  • Selling the Fund
  • “Multifamily Millionaire” book
  • The Investment Philosophy of Open Door Capital