Working Capital The Real Estate Podcast

Taking a Leap to Multifamily Real Estate Investing with George Roberts | EP81

Dec 1, 2021

In This Episode

George Roberts III is a Data Scientist and a Principal at Horizon Multifamily as well a Real Estate Investor and Syndicator who focuses on Value at Opportunities in Central Florida


In this episode we talked about:


 • George’s Podcast Details

 • George’s Bio & Background

 • Pivoting to Real Estate

 • The First Real Estate Deal

 • Financing Deals

 • Capital Raising

 • Effective Networking 

 • Sourcing Deals Approach

 • Ways of Reaching Out to Brokers

 • Real Estate Market Opportunities

 • Macro Perspectives of Real Estate Space 2021-2022

 • Mentorship, Resources and Lessons Learned


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