Working Capital The Real Estate Podcast

Recession Proof Real Estate with J. Scott | EP64

Jul 28, 2021

In This Episode

James Scott is an Entrepreneur, Investor, Advisor, Author and General Partner partner at Bar Down Investments, focused on buying and repositioning Large Multifamily Properties. In the past two years James Scott bough, built, sold, rehabbed, lent on and held over 70 millions in Property all around the country. James holds Advisor Roles in several companies and is the Author of BiggerPockets books, including “The Book on Flipping Houses”

In this episode we talked about:

  • James’s background
  • How James got interested in real estate
  • First 20 Million Dollar Deal
  • Deal size and the management ‘sweet spot’
  • Market Rates and Valuation
  • Scaling a Portfolio
  • Property Management
  • 2021/2022 Opportunities
  • Mentorship, Resources and Lessons Learned

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