Working Capital The Real Estate Podcast

Real Estate, Inflation and Government Policy with Economist Brian Beaulieu | EP67

Aug 18, 2021

In This Episode

Brian Beaulieu has served as CEO and Chief Economist of ITR EconomicsTM since 1987, where he Researches the Use of Business Cycle Analysis and Economic Forecasting as Tools for Improving profitability. Brian has shared his Highly Valued Research Results via Presentations, Workshops, and Seminars in Numerous Countries to Hundreds of thousands of Business Owners and Executives for the last 38 years.

In this episode we talked about:

  • Brian`s Background
  • Economic Outlook for 2021- 2022
  • Interest Rates
  • Inflation
  • The Federal Reserve
  • Modern Monetary Theory
  • Austrian Economy Overview
  • The Real Estate Prospective
  • Bulding Manufactured Housing
  • Safety of the US dollar
  • The Overview of Real Estate Opportunities
  • Mentorship, Resources and Lessons Learned

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