Working Capital The Real Estate Podcast

Real Estate Financing, Development and Student Housing, with Andrew Drexler | EP76

Oct 27, 2021

In This Episode

Andrew Drexler has been a Part of the First National Financial Commercial Team for over 15 years, and has Originated more than $4 billion in Commercial Financing. In 2020 alone, his team funded over $1 billion in Commercial Mortgages, of which $822 million represented transactions in Ontario and $236 million Represented Transactions in Quebec

In this episode we talked about:

  • Andrew’s Bio & Background
  • The Real Estate Market Liquidity
  • Debt Markets and Financing of Projects
  • The Retail Real Estate Outlook
  • Remote VS Onsite Work
  • Real Estate Risks and Opportunities
  • Underwriting Apartment Buildings
  • Condo Development
  • The Student Rental Market
  • Canadian and US Real Estate
  • Mentorship, Resources and Lessons Learned

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